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Sterling has seen much politically driven volatility over the last few weeks, but today marks a relative snoozefest.

Maybe traders have been convinced by Boris Johnson as he today dismissed fears over leaving the single market. The Foreign Secretary, speaking in front of the Commons foreign affairs committee, has claimed that the “term ‘single market’ is increasingly useless” and that those “who prophesied doom before the referendum have been proved wrong and will continue to be proved wrong”. Or perhaps traders have been given some hope by Scotland’s First Minister standing up to May and her three Brexiteers – Nicola Sturgeon has argued that a ‘hard Brexit’ would pave the way for a second Scottish independence referendum, no doubt a prospect that makes the unionist Tory faithfuls shudder.

Alastair chats with Share Radio’s Ed Bowsher this week to examine the developments shaping the global economy and investor sentiment.

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